Adama Dembele

Adama Dembele is a master djembé player from the Ivory Coast. Born into a family of musicians, he learned from his brothers Dramane Dembele and Madou Dembele, along with many other master drummers.

He has toured several continents, sitting in with various major acts such Oumou Sangare, Salif Keita, Affou Keita, Sogona Djata and many others. Adama has played in several drum and dance companies such as Yelemba d’abidjan, Ensemble Koteba, Congoba and many more.

In 2002, in collaboration with Siriki Sanogo, Adama founded Djembeso CI drum and dance ensemble. “Djembeso” in the West African dialect Bambará means “the house of djembe”. Adama chose that name because his familiy has been playing the djembe for 33 generations and his native home was known as the house where the djembe is played. In 2005 Adama moved to the US to perform and teach djembe. Since then he has played in major cities all over America. Currently Adama resides in Asheville North Carolina where he plays with the afro-beat ensemble The Afromotive. Currently he is putting together a new Djembeso drum and dance ensemble in Asheville to play at special events such as birthday parties, and weddings. For information contact Adama Dembele (520) 243- 3123 email:

To participate in his upcoming workshop in Asheville, North Carolina on April 26 through the 30th, 2010 please click here and you will be redirected to the official registration page for the workshop!

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